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Dusty uniforms, helmets and goggles that always come off.

These are things that symbolize Ha-seong Kim of the San Diego Padres in the American Major League. The Major League is a stage where the best baseball players in the world gather. Superstars line up. He hits a big bat and slowly spins around the base, drawing cheers from the crowd.

But the really cool thing is to show fighting spirit and do your best in every play. Kim Ha-seong shows this well on the major league stage.먹튀검증 Kim Ha-seong never plays idle on offense, defense and week. The ‘hustle play’ that does not hesitate is the most important reason to be loved by San Diego fans.

There is an awards ceremony that really suits Kim Ha-sung. It is the ‘2023 Heart and Hustle Awards’ hosted by the Major League Retired Players Association. It is said to be an award given to a player who embodies the passion for baseball, the tradition and spirit of baseball, and values ​​for one season.

Ha-seong Kim was chosen as the San Diego representative. One candidate from each of the 30 major league teams is recommended. And after the end of the season, the final winner is decided, and Ha-seong Kim was chosen from San Diego. Retired players from each club select candidates.

There can be no disagreement about Kim Ha-seong being selected. The ‘hustle play’ for the team is unmatched. In the professional world, it is impossible to be recognized for throwing only one’s body. Sex is great too. Especially in the second half, they are raising their grades with terrifying momentum. His batting average, which was in the upper-mid half of 20%, rose to 208.04. With 15 home runs, 41 RBIs and 22 steals, he is about to join the 20 home run-20 steal club. Win contribution to substitute players (WAR) is third in the entire major league. Above Kim Ha-seong, there are only Ohtani (LA Angels) and Acuna Junior (Atlanta Braves). Both of them are MVP candidates for each league.

The final winner is determined by a vote of retired players and active players. These are the people who watch all the play of Kim Ha-sung. The chances of winning seem good enough.

There is no case in which a Korean major leaguer has received this award. Choo Shin-soo was only selected as the club representative twice.

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