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The aftermath of the lame operation of the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree’ hit the domestic professional soccer world.

While the Jamboree Organizing Committee is under public criticism for its administration of right and wrong, the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup semifinal match between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Incheon United scheduled at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 9th was suddenly canceled. This is because the government and the Jamboree Organizing Committee changed the date and venue of the Jamboree K-Pop Concert from the Saemangeum campsite on the 6th to the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 11th.

Afterwards, the Korea Football Association sent an official letter to Jeonbuk and Incheon on the 7th to postpone the FA Cup match on the 9th. It is known that there was no sufficient consultation or cooperation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism or Jeollabuk-do, but Jeonbuk Hyundai, which has Hyundai Motor Group as its parent company, had no choice but to give up its home stadium in order to cruise the Jamboree event.

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which is running on a 9-game winning streak at its home stadium ‘Jeonjuseong’, was unable to use its home Jeonju World Cup Stadium with just 3 days left in the game, and told fans, “The FA Cup semifinals on the 9th and the Hana One Q K League against Suwon Samsung on the 12th. One game has been postponed,” he posted a notice asking for understanding.

Upon hearing the news, Jeonbuk fans strongly protested. Despite the heavy rain, 10,000 spectators who visited the stadium on the 6th said, ‘Ruin the Jamboree and ruin Jeonbuk!’ He criticized the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Jeollabuk-do with sharp phrases such as

Many soccer fans said on social media, “Soccer field comes first. Is this a concert venue?”, “Football was pushed out because of the dead Jamboree”, and “What should I do with the fans who adjusted all the schedules according to the place and time of the day?”

Jeonbuk coach Petrescu, who led the team to victory in the home game on the 6th, said, “This is the worst news. It’s hard to understand. It’s something I’ve never experienced in my life.” send cheers Not being able to carry such great power on your back is such a huge loss,” he sighed.

In any case, Jeonbuk reviewed various measures, such as changing the venue for home and away games, changing the schedule itself, and hosting a third neutral area.

In less than a day after the chaos, the situation changed again. When the landing of Typhoon Kanun was announced, the government decided to move the Jamboree participants to the metropolitan area on the 7th, and as a result, the K-pop concert venue is also being reviewed at the Seoul World Cup Stadium instead of the Jeonju World Cup Stadium.

If the concert kicks off at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, Jeonbuk will be able to play two home matches as planned. However, once twisted, the thread cannot be easily undone. Incheon United, which they have to face in the semifinals of the FA Cup, have returned to their lodgings in Incheon from Jeonju after receiving an official letter from the Korea Football Association about the postponement of the FA Cup semifinals.먹튀검증

Incheon United, who returned with all the cancellation fees such as accommodation due to sudden cancellation, could not hide their absurd stance at the news that the ‘Jamboree venue was moved to the metropolitan area’.

If the canceled FA Cup semi-finals proceed as scheduled in Jeonju, they will have to endure the worst situation of going down to Jeonju one day before the game and playing the game on the 9th. However, it seems that the Incheon club will not accept the situation in which the schedule is overturned again.

The football world is perplexed and fans are outraged at the jamboree operation and the come and go. Soccer fans’ lamentations and cries of “ruining the Jamboree and ruining soccer” are eliciting anger beyond sympathy.

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