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Harry Kane, the ‘legend’ of Tottenham in the English Premier League (EPL), wears the uniform of Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga.

British media all reported Kane’s move to Bayern Munich. It is news that Tottenham and Bayern Munich have reached an agreement, and Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has accepted the transfer of Kane.

Britain’s ‘BBC’ reported, “Kane will go to Germany to undergo a medical test at Bayern Munich. The transfer will be finalized before the opening of the Bundesliga next week.” The fact that the ‘BBC’ reported it means that it is virtually confirmed.

In this situation, Britain’s ‘Give Me Sports’ published an article called ’12 things that could happen if Kane moves to Bayern Munich’. In other words, he predicted 12 things that would happen after Kane’s transfer. There are also shocking predictions in 12.

The 12th was ‘Alan Shearer’s EPL record for most goals is unbreakable’. Kane is currently second all-time with 213 EPL goals. Shearer leads with 260 goals. The gap is 47 goals. Kane’s trip to Germany will put a brake on his all-time No. 1 record.

The 11th, ‘Bayern Munich achieved 12 consecutive Bundesliga titles’. Bayern Munich won the league championship even without Kane. What if Kane joins? No more explanation needed.

The 10th, ‘Kane, Ballon d’Or Award’. It depends on success at Bayern Munich and success at Euro 2024.

9th, ‘Why Tottenham spent 60 million pounds (101.1 billion won) on Richarlison’ was selected. Kane’s void has no choice but to be filled by Richarlison, who was recruited with a large sum of money. Richarlison played the role of a front-line striker during his time at Everton.

The 8th, ‘Kane won the European Golden Boot’, and the 7th was introduced as ‘Bayern Munich, Challenge to win the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL)’.

The sixth is ‘Manchester United looking for a replacement for Kane’. What do you mean? Manchester United wanted Kane as their number one striker. but missed Instead, they recruited Rasmus Höilun. However, it falls short compared to Kane. United will be looking for an experienced striker similar to Kane in particular.메이저놀이터

The fifth is ‘Tottenham’s poor performance’. Tottenham, who fell to 8th place last season, could fall further without Kane. The fourth is ‘The difference between Arsenal and Tottenham is 30 points’. This means that Tottenham without Kane could fall behind arch rival Arsenal by 30 points.

The third is ‘James Madison with a bigger role’. The role and importance of Madison, who transferred to Tottenham ahead of this season, has no choice but to grow. Also, without Kane, Madison’s number of assists could decrease.

The second is the most shocking. It is predicted that ‘Son Heung-min will leave Tottenham next summer’.

The media said, “Without Kane, Son Heung-min’s grades, records, and attack points could plummet. Son Heung-min won the EPL top scorer in the 2021-22 season and did not achieve a similar level last season. If he goes, Son Heung-min’s performance can get worse. And Son Heung-min can leave Tottenham along with Kane.”

The last one is ‘Tottenham, recruiting a substitute for Kane’. It’s a natural story. Tottenham need to sign a new striker to fill Kane’s void. You can’t fill them all with richarlison. Because of Kane’s stature, it may be difficult to find a replacement.

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