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The Hanwha Eagles, who broke a losing streak against the Doosan Bears at home, will meet NC Dinos and KT Wiz this week. Attention is focusing on whether he will succeed in revenge against KT, who gave Hanwha a two-game losing streak last week.

Hanwha won 6-1 on the second day of a three-game series against Doosan at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 12th. Thanks to the victory, Hanwha escaped from the mire of 5 consecutive losses and recorded 39 wins, 5 draws and 52 losses. On this day, Hanwha started the game smoothly with Moon Dong-joo’s good pitching and Noh Si-hwan’s 27th home run of the season. In particular, Moon Dong-ju threw 102 pitches in 6 innings, showing a sense of stability with 4 hits, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts and 1 run.

Hanwha dominated from the beginning. At the end of the first inning, with one out and first base, Noh Si-hwan hit a two-run home run that went over the middle right wall. Roh Si-hwan’s home run is the first time in 3 days since the 3 home runs against KT on the 9th. With the home run that day, Noh Si-hwan kept the top spot with the most home runs. It is six points away from second place Choi Jeong (SSG Landers).

When Doosan chased 1-2 through Jose Rojas’ triple, Hanwha added 3 runs at the end of the 7th inning to get the white flag. When leader Lee Jin-young got a walk, Lee Do-yoon hit a first-sang double that ran away 3-1 on the first run and second base that led to a send-off bunt. In the 2 out 1st and 2nd bases that led to Kim In-hwan’s walk, Noh Si-hwan knocked over Doosan reliever Kim Myung-shin and called two runners home with a double that hit the top of the fence in the middle. Roh Si-hwan increased his season RBI to 75 and ran first in this category as well. Hanwha No. 9 hitter Lee Do-yoon hit a wedge in the 8th inning with one RBI and a left-handed hit.

Hanwha, which broke its losing streak thanks to Noh Si-hwan’s home run, will fight against NC and KT this week. First of all, NC is currently in 4th place with 50 wins, 1 draw and 45 losses. NC is recording 2 wins and 2 losses against SSG and KT after 3 consecutive wins against Kiwoom on the 4th.

KT is putting its name on the 3rd place, one step ahead of NC. With 52 wins, 2 draws and 45 losses, KT won 2 consecutive wins in the match against Hanwha that started on the 8th, and then won 1 win and 1 loss against NC.먹튀검증

The factor to watch for Hanwha this week is whether Roh Si-hwan achieves the 30 home run notice. Roh Si-hwan is on the rise, hitting 6 homers in 10 games this month alone. In particular, the 3 home runs against KT on the 9th are the first individual’3 home runs in one game’ since his professional debut in 2019. As this week, it is noteworthy whether it will be able to start a home run again as it will play against KT.

Even until last season, Roh Si-hwan did not step on the 20 home run mark even once, but this year he has already surpassed the 20 home run mark. If Noh Si-hwan hits 30 home runs, he will become the first Hanwha player to hit 30 home runs in 5 years since Lee Seong-yeol (34) and Jared Hoying (30) in 2018. Noh Si-hwan is also ahead of the RBI competition. Noh Si-hwan continues to lead the season with 73 RBIs as of 3:00 pm on the 13th. Second place Choi Jeong and third place Austin Dean follow with 66 RBIs.

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