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Can Korean national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann reverse the evaluation of Korean soccer fans?

Public opinion about coach Klinsman has not been good lately. Last March, he took the helm of the Korean national team, but stayed in Korea for only two months. He spent most of his time in America with his family, except for March and June, when he had his A match. Even now, Klinsmann has not returned to Korea.

If the national team’s performance was good, Klinsman’s move might not have been a big problem. It could have been forgiven if the results were good, but in the 4 matches played after Klinsman took over, Korea only recorded 2 draws and 2 losses. Criticism of Klinsman, who is not resident in Korea, is growing as he has yet to record his first win.바카라사이트

Klinsman explained the controversy at an online meeting with reporters on the 17th. He said, “There is an exaggeration to conclude that I do not live in Korea. Regardless of where they are physically, I think the way I communicate with and observe players is different from before. There is also a way to go directly to the stadium, but even if we do not go, we are constantly in touch with the coaching staff and checking the players’ conditions.”

He also responded to the criticism that he was neglecting the K-League. Klinsman said, “I watched as many K-League games as possible, and coaches Cha Doo-ri and Michael Kim are also watching. String Gara and Köpke coaches also watched the game. I watched not only the K-League, but also the U-League and Osan High School matches.” He said that he is receiving information about the K-League abroad as well.

He also spoke about the role and duties of the national team coach. “The role of a national team manager is very different compared to that of a club team,” Klinsman said. The club grasps the flow and trends of the league, plays games every week, trains with players every day, and constantly thinks about how to develop them. On the other hand, the national team is preparing for major tournaments. “As we prepare for the Asian Cup and the 2026 World Cup, we must continuously observe and study the flow of modern football and the preparations of our opponents.”

There is only one way to quell the criticism of not living in Korea and focusing on a side job rather than a main job. It is the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup championship. Since winning the Asian Cup in 1960, Korea has not lifted the tournament trophy for 63 years. Numerous star players, including Park Ji-sung and Lee Young-pyo, tried to fulfill their long-cherished wish for the Korean national team, but failed.

The Asian Cup kicks off on January 12 next year. Korea was placed in Group E along with Bahrain, Jordan and Malaysia. It is evaluated as a relatively good composition. The question is whether they can beat Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran in the tournament. The power of these countries is as strong as Korea.

Coach Klinsman had the experience of reaching the top of the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup when he was with the US national team. We need to use the experience from this event in the Asian Cup to help Korea achieve its dream. Only then can you soften the arrow of criticism directed at you.

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