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It seems that the salary of Roberto Mancini, who took the helm of Saudi Arabia, is truly unconventional.

Italian media <Corriele dello Sport> reported that Mancini’s annual salary, which was recently appointed as the head coach of the Saudi Arabian national football team, was ‘unbelievable’. According to this report, Mancini’s salary is 20 million euros (about 28.65 billion won) and 10 million euros (about 14.3 billion won) in bonuses. Considering the length of his contract to lead Saudi Arabia for four years until 2027, he is receiving an astronomical salary indeed.카지노사이트

Mancini’s salary is great even compared to foreign coaches active in Saudi Arabia. The person with the highest salary is director Steven Gerrard, who directs R.I.T.Park. Manager Gerrard receives 18 million euros (approximately 25.7 billion won). That’s an amount that is less than Mancini’s.

Mancini will make his debut as Saudi Arabia manager through an A match in September. As he also plays against Korea, it is expected that he will be directly compared to coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

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