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Gimcheon Sangmu’s goalkeeper prospect Kim Jun-hong is very happy to see his colleagues, who shared the legend of the 2023 FIFA Argentina U-20 World Cup semifinals, advance to Europe. And I am even more happy to meet Kim Ji-soo, a ‘best friend’ who entered the EPL from the A national team, who was called up for the first time in his life.온라인카지노

Kim Joon-hong showed off his excellent saving skills at the U-20 World Cup in Argentina and is garnering attention as a next-generation goalkeeper prospect. After the tournament, his team, Gimcheon, also gradually increases his chances to participate, and he is gradually building his competitive edge on the professional stage.

For this reason, Kim Jun-hong said at a meeting with <Best Eleven> ahead of the Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 round 29 Busan I-Park match at 7:30 pm on the 29th at Gudeok Stadium in Busan, “Thanks to that tournament, coach Jurgen Klinsmann recognized me and gave me an opportunity. My team is also increasing my playing time, and it has appealed to the fans.”

This ‘halo’ effect does not apply only to Kim Jun-hong. Center back Kim Ji-soo and midfielder Bae Jun-ho moved to Brentford and Stoke City, respectively. He became a stepping stone to achieve the ‘closed football’ stage in England, which he dreamed of when he started playing football. Kim Joon-hong, who is looking at it, is also happy.

Kim Joon-hong said, “When I first heard the news, they congratulated me a lot.” Then, he said, “Even before the U-20 World Cup, we said, ‘Let’s do really well here and go to Europe’. Motivating factors for advancing to Europe I was really happy to see my friends go out,” he said. Then, he said, “Seeing my friends, I also want to challenge myself. If a good opportunity is given, I will have another motivation to do it.”

Kim Joon-hong and Kim Ji-soo will meet again in the 2nd A-match in Europe in September, which will be held in England. Both players are ‘surprisingly selected’. Maybe Kim Jun-hong is very glad to see Kim Ji-soo again.

Kim Joon-hong laughed, “(Kim) Ji-soo is so good that he feels like a big brother even though he’s a younger brother.” I also want to do well in the role of infusing myself. Along with Kim Ji-soo, I want to learn the strengths of my seniors well.”

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