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The beginning of autumn, which marks the beginning of autumn, and the saying that ‘mosquitoes’ mouths are twisted’ have also passed. So, as soon as September began, games were played on weekends and then played during the day. But then something happened.

On the 2nd, the ‘Super Match’ between FC Seoul and Suwon Samsung, which is considered one of the representative matches of K League 1, was held at Suwon World Cup Stadium.

The game on this day started at 4:30 pm. As it was a rivalry match between Seoul and Suwon, the stands, including the cheering seats for both teams, were full, and as a result, 22,882 people entered the stadium.

The game was suddenly stopped around the 23rd minute of the first half, when a super match was underway with many people’s interest and expectations mixed in. The Seoul bench suddenly asked to stop the game for a moment. The reason is because a spectator collapsed in the Seoul away cheering section.

According to a Seoul club official, Seoul supporters first requested help from the referee and bench, and Seoul midfielder Han Seung-gyu, who was on the bench, recognized the fans’ request and relayed the situation to the duty trainer. As the referee stopped the game, two Seoul medical trainers rushed to the stands, put on oxygen masks, and provided first aid.바카라사이트

As a result, it was revealed that a third-year middle school girl, who was cheering with her father in Seoul, collapsed after complaining of difficulty breathing and dizziness due to being unable to endure the heat under the strong sunlight. Seoul medical staff provided first aid, and the fan was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance and stabilized.

The game, which had been suspended for about 5 minutes, resumed, and 7 minutes of extra time were given in the first half to reflect this situation.

Thanks to the wit of the fans and the quick recognition and response of the players, referees, and medical staff to the situation, this incident was resolved without any major incidents. However, what happened that day could have been prevented in some way.

Looking at weather-related news, it is predicted that ‘record heat’ is recorded every summer and that the temperature will continue to rise every year, leading to more extreme weather events along with scorching heat. Accordingly, domestic sports, not just soccer, are playing games in the evening rather than during the hot day to protect players, referees, and fans during the summer.

However, as soon as September rolled around, the federation scheduled games during the day, starting with the first weekend games. When the super match was held on this day, the temperature in Uman-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon, where the stadium is located, was 31 degrees, and the perceived temperature was even higher, still no different from midsummer weather.

Moreover, as it was the biggest rivalry game in K League 1, close to 30,000 spectators visited the stadium, and the scorching sun poured down on some of the stands even after the game started. The stands where the Seoul fan fell were also near a place exposed to sunlight.

In some stadiums, such as Seoul World Cup Stadium, Suwon World Cup Stadium, and Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium, water is sometimes sprayed on the spectators’ seats to cool them off. However, these measures alone clearly have limitations.

Accordingly, the Korea Professional Football League, which oversees the K-League, appears to have an obligation to protect fans, players, and referees through more careful schedule coordination and measures for unexpected emergency situations to continue the increased interest in domestic soccer.

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