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 Hanwha Eagles’ ‘special rookie’ Kim Seo-hyun prepares to participate in the Miyazaki Educational League.

Kim Seo-hyun, the No. 1 rookie overall this year, was highly anticipated even before joining the team. This is because the talent for throwing fastballs in the late 150km range is outstanding. Seohyun Kim started his debut season in the bullpen. In the match against SSG Landers on May 12, he also made his first save in his debut. However, there were ups and downs due to concerns over the continued lack of control.

He returned in August after being left out of the first-team lineup in early June, but appeared as a bullpen in one game, allowing 4 runs in 2⅔ innings, and came out as a starter in one game, allowing 3 runs in 2 innings. After appearing as a starter against the NC Dinos on August 17, Kim Seo-hyun was sent back to the second team the next day. He decided that more correction time was still needed.

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho said of Kim Seo-hyun, “We are receiving reports that he is working hard in the second team. He seems to trust the second team coaching staff and is preparing hard.” Kim Seo-hyun, who is currently taking the mound as a starter in the Futures League game, has not yet completely reached zero, as she has allowed 13 walks and consecutive runs in three games.

Although Kim Seo-hyun is a natural fireballer, concerns about ball control are problems that Kim Seo-hyun will have to solve through experience in the future. The Hanwha club decided to have Kim Seo-hyun participate in the Phoenix Education League to be held in Miyazaki, Japan next month.

KBO League clubs’ participation in the Miyazaki Educational League, which was suspended due to COVID-19, will resume this year. A total of three teams, including Hanwha, Samsung Lions, and Doosan Bears, are scheduled to participate in two joint teams.온라인카지노

Kim Seo-hyun participates in the educational league with Hanwha players such as Ha Joo-seok. Coach Choi Won-ho said, “Before joining the pros, there must have been some things I imagined, but if this doesn’t go as planned, the whole thing could fall apart. Now I need time to get my bearings,” and added, “I saw the throwing in this training league, and I’m thinking about throwing strikes in the future.” “You have to get a feel for it quickly. You have to practice a lot,” he emphasized.

He added, “Seohyun has had a lot of ups and downs with her strikes since she became a pro. First of all, command is the next step. First of all, she should practice more so she won’t have any problems with her strikes.”

Meanwhile, a total of 18 games are scheduled for this year’s Miyazaki Educational League. It will be held for a total of 22 days from October 9th to 30th. Although the KBO League regular season schedule continues until mid-October, Hanwha plans to focus on building up a sense of practical skills by sending major prospect Kim Seo-hyun to the training league to prepare for the next season.

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