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The opponents they will face in the Asian Cup finals and the Olympics are stronger than the opponents in this three-game series. We must thoroughly address the painfully felt problems.

The Republic of Korea U-22 Olympic national soccer team, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong, defeated Myanmar 3-3 in the third round of Group B of the 2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup qualifiers held at the Changwon Football Center at 8 p.m. on the 12th. Won with 0. As a result, Korea advanced to the finals in first place.

This tournament served as the 2024 U-23 Qatar Asian Cup qualifiers to be held in April next year and the first qualifiers for the 2024 Paris Olympics in July. In the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup finals, a total of 16 countries will participate, including the 11 countries from preliminary group A to K, the 11 countries ranked 1st in each group, the top 4 countries among the 2nd place, and the host country, Qatar. The final stage also serves as the final qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics, with the top three countries advancing directly to the Olympics and the fourth-place country playing a playoff against the fourth-place African qualifier.

Korea was in Group B with Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, and Myanmar. Since Qatar is the host country and the finals have already been confirmed, it will not be reflected in the preliminary round results. The game will proceed, but it will be a bonus game. Korea aimed to advance to the finals in first place against Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar.

The first game against Qatar (0-2 loss) was a disaster. The results as well as the content were not good. They fell to their knees at home against Qatar, who must have lost motivation after being confirmed to qualify for the finals. On this day, Qatar’s shock was even greater because it was the opponent that Hwang Seon-hong could face at the Asian Games.

The second game against Kyrgyzstan (1-0 win) was a poor performance. If we lose, we are in danger of not being able to advance to the Asian Cup finals, let alone the Olympics. After a cross from Jeong Sang-bin in the 3rd minute of the first half, Hong Yun-sang scored the net with a calm finish. However, despite scoring the first goal early on, the momentum could not be maintained. In fact, at the end of the game, they even appeared to be swayed by the opponent’s offensive.

The third game against Myanmar (3-0 win) was a comfortable win. Like the match against Kyrgyzstan, Baek Sang-hoon’s goal in the 5th minute of the first half set the momentum. There was a frustrating flow, but a celebration was fired at the end of the game. Jeon Byeong-gwan and Oh Jae-hyuk scored back-to-back goals, finally producing the expected multiple-score victory.

Korea advanced to the finals in first place in Group B with 2 wins, 4 goals, and 0 losses, excluding the match against Qatar. The first goal was achieved, but it is clearly a three-game series that needs to be addressed. Korea was unexpectedly unable to overcome its opponents, who were considered to be one level below the other. It wasn’t just the shock loss against Qatar. Even on the K-League stage, despite a large number of players who were attracting attention, their performance was not as good as desired. We had market share and leadership, but it didn’t mean much.토토사이트

Above all, I am deeply concerned about the goal drought. In the offensive line, Heo Yul (Gwangju), Kim Shin-jin (FC Seoul), Um Ji-seong (Gwangju), Jeong Sang-bin (Minnesota), and Hong Yun-sang (Pohang) struggled, and in the fullbacks, Lee Tae-seok (FC Seoul), Park Chang-woo (Jeonbuk), and Min Kyung-hyeon (Incheon) The team also actively improved, but the scores were not enough.

The monotonous attack is disappointing. The will to attack the flanks by taking advantage of the physical advantage was felt, but continued crosses did not easily bear fruit. I knew that the opposing countries would go down to 500. I wish I had attacked it with more diverse patterns.

The opponents they will face at the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup and 2024 Paris Olympics are much better than Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, and Myanmar. It is difficult to expect an opponent weaker than this three-game series. We must thoroughly address the problems that we felt painfully under pressure during this three-game series.

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