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This is the K League 1 scoring record for Suwon foreign strikers over the past three years.

A total of 6 players scored 13 goals over 3 seasons, which is less than the 14 goals scored this season by Ju Min-gyu of Ulsan, who is the leading scorer in K League 1.

In particular, Groening’s failure last season was a huge blow to Suwon’s early stages, and in the end, in the absence of a foreign striker, Suwon had to suffer the humiliation of going all the way to the relegation playoffs.

The situation is not much different this year, when three foreign strikers were recruited. Acosti and Mulic, who have been in the K-League, are not showing any of the scoring ability expected from foreign strikers, and there are already voices saying that Werick Popo, who was ambitiously recruited in the second half of the season, was virtually a failure after appearing in only three games.

While the foreign player recruitment system is virtually paralyzed, Suwon has fallen to 12th place and last place, and relegation is increasingly becoming a reality.

The poor performance of foreign strikers is also evident in the numbers. Until the 30th round, Suwon has only scored 27 goals, ranking 11th out of 12 teams. Effective shots also remain in 11th place with 3.43 per game. As a team that uses ‘byeongsu ball’, they pass a lot (short-distance passes are 243.03 per game, ranking 3rd overall), but there is absolutely no practical use.

Suwon’s scouting system, which once had foreign top scorers such as Santos (2014 season – 14 goals), Jonatan (2017 season – 22 goals), and Taggart (2020 season – 20 goals), has completely collapsed over the past few years.

At this point, fans are even criticizing the fact that foreigners are being brought in after watching the edited YouTube highlights.

In general, K-League clubs have a department called the operation team or reinforcement team that observes and recruits foreign players together with the club’s scouts, or reviews players recommended through agents close to the club and then decides whether to recruit them.

However, in the case of the Suwon club, the power of the front office is too strong, and there are voices saying that the voices of scouts, agents, and especially the manager are not greatly reflected in the transfer process.안전놀이터

An agent who is well versed in the K-League foreign transfer market said, “I know that Suwon Club has a stronger influence on the front office than the manager in the process of recruiting foreigners.” He added, “I recently recommended a foreign player to the manager of Club A, and the manager said that he had 5 players. After watching the game in full and discussing with the club, the decision was made to recruit him. As he was chosen by the manager, he is adapting well to the actual league. However, during Suwon’s recruitment process, it seems that there is not smooth communication between the manager and the front office. Even to Suwon coach Kim Byeong-soo. “I recommended a good player, but there was no response,” he said, expressing his regret.

While it is questionable whether the scouts and agents who observe and recommend players are lacking in perspective, or the competency of the person in charge of making the final review and decision on the recommendations is lacking, the ‘lottery scratch’ style of recruiting foreign players with the belief that “this time it will blow up” It is pointed out that unless this changes, the cruelty of Suwon’s foreign strikers will continue.

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