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I came from Korea to support the soccer team!”

Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in Jinhua, China, on the 19th, where the first match of the Group E match between the Korean national soccer team and Kuwait, aiming for their third consecutive Asian Games title, will be held.

Although it was mid-September, the weather in Jinhua City was still hot. The temperature rose to 37 degrees Celsius and the humidity was so high that sweat was dripping down even if I stayed still.

However, the enthusiasm of Korean fans cheering for the national team was hotter than the sweltering heat. Even before the start of the game, Korean female fans who were sitting in the stands and silently watching the national team attracted attention.메이저사이트

Min-ji Kim and Eun-ji Song, who met with News 1, said that they are fans of Young-wook Cho (Managing Director of Kim Cheon) and Young-woo Seol (Ulsan), respectively. Minji Kim was wearing Youngwook Cho’s FC Seoul uniform, and Eunji Song was wearing Youngwoo Seol’s Ulsan Hyundai uniform.

Both of them boarded a plane to cheer on the national team in Korea, not China. They came from Hangzhou and Shanghai to Jinhua respectively. He even explained that they were not really close friends, but had met for the first time in China the day before and walked together.

Kim Min-ji, who said she became a fan of the Korean national team starting from the U20 tournament held in Korea in 2017, said with a smile, “I’m waiting to join the company, but if the company calls me, I have to leave right away. But they haven’t called me yet,” and added, “This is the last chance to play, so let’s enjoy it all.” “I came with that in mind,” he said.

Song Eun-ji also smiled, “I went to Indonesia to cheer for Korea during the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang. I came to this tournament to cheer on the Korean national team as well.”

Although I have affection for all the national team players, I have special feelings for Cho Young-wook and Seol Young-woo, whom I support respectively.

Kim Min-ji said, “(Cho Young-wook) is doing well at Sangmu, and as a fan, I feel very happy. I hope that kind of energy continues in this Asian Games, and as long as he plays a game that satisfies him and finishes in a good mood, there is nothing I can ask for as a fan.” He expressed his sincere support.

Song Eun-ji also cheered, saying, “I’m very worried about Seol Young-woo’s physical strength as he came right after going to the national team A. I believe they are calling me because they need Seol Young-woo that much. I hope he will always do well.”

I also did not forget to support the national team that is trying to win its third consecutive Asian Games title.

The two agreed, “It’s not easy to contact the national team in China, but there are many fans who come from Korea like us to support us, so I hope (the national team) will do well and finish well.”

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