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What will be the choice of Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel?

There was a prediction that Matisse de Ligt, who is dissatisfied with his playing time, could have more playing opportunities.

Bavarian local media outlet Bavarian Football Works reported on the 19th (Korean time) that ‘Bayern sporting director Christoph Freund said that Matthijs de Ligt will have more opportunities to play.’

Netherlands national team center back De Ligt did not get a chance to play properly at the beginning of the season due to a calf injury. Coach Thomas Tuchel selected Kim Min-jae and Dayot Upamecano as the center back combination, and the two players are successfully leading Bayern Munich’s defense with their strong performances. De Ligt was used as a substitute in this process, and also played as a defensive midfielder in the match against Bayern Leverkusen.

De Ligt was frustrated and dissatisfied.

Until last season, De Ligt was Bayern Munich’s leading center back and the leader of the back four. In just one year, the situation changed 180 degrees. This is because of Kim Min-jae’s joining.

The local media is also very friendly to the combination of Kim Min-jae and Upamecano. Bayern Strike magazine said, ‘De Ligt is not yet complete due to a calf injury. Coach Tuchel prefers the combination of Kim Min-jae and Upamecano. Bayern Munich is off to a pretty good start, and their defense has improved to the point where they have only allowed two goals in their last three games.

Coach Tuchel said publicly, ‘We have three world-class center backs. He said, ‘This is a very encouraging part.’ There is a high possibility that it will be an external comment. In the end, at this point, there is no reason or basis to shake up the Kim Min-jae-Upamecano center back duo.

Bayern Munich is lacking in midfield. Recruitment did not proceed properly. We actively considered using De Ligt as a temporary defensive midfielder, and actually experimented with it in the game against Stuttgart. However, Coach Tuchel’s assessment was that ‘the build-up was too slow.’ De Ligt publicly expressed his displeasure. From that standpoint, it could well be the case.

For Bayern Munich, evolution is necessary. Sport Direct Freund told Germany’s Bild magazine, ‘He (De Ligt) is really important to the team. We have three world-class centre-backs. We need them all. De Ligt wants playing time, and it’s not easy at the moment. However, I am sure we will play more games in the coming months. He always gives his all to training.’

Bayern Munich must run the Champions League in parallel with the league. In addition, many games have to be played in a tight schedule, such as the League Cup. Therefore, rotation of starting players and backups is an essential element.

However, the situation may change subtly depending on the appearance of more or less important games. De Ligt is a player that cannot be ignored. He is not a player who will be neglected by any prestigious club. He has the skills and skills to confidently play as the starting center back. However, the problem is that there is competition for the starting position in Bayern Munich. It’s because of Minjae Kim and Upamecano.온라인카지노

Initially, Kim Min-jae and De Ligt were likely to be Bayern Munich’s starting center backs. However, problems arose due to De Ligt’s injury and the combination of Kim Min-jae and Upamecano, who are working well together.

Bavarian Football Works wrote a meaningful sentence. The media reported, ‘Coach Thomas Tuchel tested De Ligt as a defensive midfielder. He said, “It provides a clear indicator of where De Ligt is in the current (center back) rankings.” In coach Tuchel’s mind, De Ligt is still a backup centre-back.

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